Once there was a grasshopper(蚱蜢), who was the best hopper(跳躍者) in the worldShe taught other grasshoppers how to hop Soon all grasshoppers were hopping well, so she felt very 1  

Then one day an eagle showed upShe immediately  2   to teach the eagle how to hop, as she was sure that hopping was the key to  3   , but every time she advised the eagle to hop, he just said, “There is no needYou are  4   with hopping, but I can fly

“Stop this silly talking of flying!” screamed the grasshopper“Flying is  5   in your imagination

The next day, some of the grasshoppers went to talk to the eagle“How is it that you don’t know how to hop, yet you still talk of flying? It  6   our teacher’s orders

“Hopping is useful, but when you can fly, it is no longer  7   ” said the eagle

“Tell us more, “ said the grasshoppers

The eagle began telling them what the world  8   he grass fields was likeIt was a world that included mountains, rivers and oceans(海洋).

Then the eagle took one  9   grasshopper in his powerful talon to the skyThe grasshopper could see the mountains, rivers and oceans that the eagle had   10  

After the eagle landed, he saw a spark (閃光) in the grasshopper’s eyes The grasshopper told others what he had seen in the skyTherefore, the grasshoppers dreamt of flying in the sky

1 A angry                B relaxed       C stressed            D proud

2 A forgot               B decided     C failed                D refused

3 A business            B weakness           C happiness            D sadness

4 A satisfied               B strict        C patient             D careful

5 A just                  B even         C hardly             D ever

6 A turns down           B puts off     C goes against          D works out

7 A harmless              B dangerous   C necessary           D safe

8 A past                 B through     C under                     D beyond

9 A sad                  B brave       C attractive           D frightened

10 A imagined          B created       C changed             D described

Do you know more and more Chinese artists have made regular donations to charity or put their efforts into charity work in China? Here let’s know some of them

Faye Wong and her husband Li Yapeng started the Yan Ran Angel Foundation(基金會) for harelipped(兔唇的) children three years agoIt was named after their daughterIts purpose is to help children under 14 to cure their harelipsThe couple donated one million yuanabout $ 133,000to start the organization

Cong Fei was born in a poor familyHe became a successful singer in ShenzhenHe helped 178 poor students and disabled people for more than 10 yearsBefore he died of an illness at the age of 37 in 2006, he decided to donate his cornea(角膜) to people with eye diseases He helped six people see the world

Guan Mucun has donated money to Project Hope to help poor students finish primary educationThirty of these poor students have already finished high school with her support Guan has also helped with charity work for environment protection, HIV/AIDS prevention, blood donation and “Mother Water”

Guan had an unlucky childhood: her mother died when she was only 10 years oldWith the help of the government and her neighbours, she grew up and was successful as a famous singer

Action star Jackie Chan is a wholehearted supporter of charities including UNICEF, Operation Smile and his own Jackie Chan Charitable FoundationIn 2007, he used much of his spare time to visit the farthest parts of China on his Dragon’s Heart Charity MissionsThe Dragon’s Heart Foundation aims to meet the needs of poor children and the elderly in the hardest-to-reach areas of the country Chan has made several trips to these poor villages, bringing warm clothing, wheelchairs and school supplies, and helping to build schools

1 Who can get help from the Yan Ran Angel Foundation?

A Harelipped children under 14                  B All disabled children

C All disabled children under 14                 D All harelipped children

2 What can we learn from the passage?

A Faye Wong and Li Yapeng don’t like their daughter

B More than 7 people’s eyes were cured thanks to Cong Fei’s Cornea

C Guan Mucun was once helped by the government and her neighbours

D Jackie Chan didn’t have chance to visit the people he helped

3 What is the passage mainly about?

A Chinese charity work                      B Charity work of some Chinese artists

C Some famous Chinese artists           D Organizations started by Chinese artists

Spending two or three hours playing outdoors each day can reduce a child’s chance of becoming short-sighted, a research showsIt challenges (挑戰) the belief that short- sightedness is caused by computer use, watching TV or reading in weak light

The Australian government researchers believe that sunlight is good for people’s eyes They compared the vision(視力)and habits of 100 seven-year-old children in Singapore and AustraliaIn all, 30% of the Singaporean children were short-sighted--this rate(比率)was ten times higher than Australian children

Both groups spent a similar amount of time reading, watching television and playing computer gamesHowever, the Australian children spent an average(平均)of two hours a day outdoors—90 minutes more than the Singaporean children

Professor(教授)Ian Morgan, from the Australian Research Council’s Vision Centre, said, “Humans are naturally long-sighted, but when people begin to go to school and spend little or no time outdoors, the number of short-sighted people gets largerWe’re also seeing more and more short-sighted children in cities all around the world—and the main reason may be that city children spend less time outdoors

Daylight can be hundreds of times brighter than indoor lightBut why does playing outside prevent us from becoming short-sighted? Scientists believe that natural light has a special chemical(化學物質)which stops the eyeball from growing out of shape and prevents people becoming short-sighted

So be outdoorsIt doesn’t matter if that time is spent having a picnic or playing sports

1How much time did the Singaporean children spend outdoors on average every day in the research?

A 2 hours          B 90 minutes       C 1 hour             D 30 minutes

2What is the fifth paragraph mainly about?

A Why people become short-sighted

B Why natural light has a special chemical

C Why playing outside is good for one’s eyesight

D Why daylight is much brighter than indoor light

3Which of the following is true according to the passage?

A People will all become short-sighted after they begin to go to school

B Playing outdoors for 2 or 3 hours every day can help protect your eyesight

C Children in Australia are more likely to get short-sighted than those in Singapore

D If you spend two or three hours playing outside each day, you won’t get short-sighted

In most situations, light helps us seeBut nowadays humans are using too much of it so that it is in fact a kind of pollution

When it comes to looking at the night sky, too much light makes it difficult for us to watch some of life’s most wonderful sights: stars, planets and even galaxies(星系).

According to scientific research, about 2, 500 stars can be seen by the human eye without using any special equipment(設備).But because of light pollution, you can only see 200 to 300 stars from today’s countryside, and no more than ten stars from a cityIn most big cities, people cannot see the sky filled with stars like they did in their childhood

Light pollution affects more than just our view of skyResearch shows that lots of nighttime light can harm wildlife, too

When birds fly to another place over cities, they sometimes get lost by the brightness and fly in circles(圈) until they drop from tirednessSea turtles(海龜) need dark beaches for laying eggs, but they can’t find their ideal places because of those bright lights

Too much light at night may even affect human health, but scientists are not sure of that They are still learning more

In order to prevent things from going worse, governments and some organizations are working to reduce light pollutionMany cities and towns have taken action to reduce the use of lights at nightLights are used only when and where they are truly neededThey also shine lights down at the ground instead of up into the sky and use lower brightness levels

Hopefully, in the near future, humans can enjoy the clear and beautiful sky again and all the wildlife will live a peaceful and undisturbed life, too

1Why does the writer think that too much light is a kind of pollution?

A Because there are fewer and fewer stars

B Because human health has been affected

C Because too much light is a waste of energy

D Because some of the wildlife can be harmed

2Which of the following is NOT mentioned(提到)in this passage?

A The problems that light pollution has caused

B The reason why humans use too much light

C The ways that light pollution can be reduced

D The reason why fewer stars can be seen than before

3Which of the following is true according to the passage?

A There are about 2,500 stars in the sky

B Humans want to do nothing to reduce light pollution

C Sea turtles always get lost and die from tiredness

D Something has been done to reduce light pollution

I was in line waiting to payIn line there were two people before meA little boy was buying some rather strange clothesHe chatted with anyone who was interested in the clothes and soon we learnt that he was going to a kindergarten(幼兒園) party He had done a great job of putting together interesting costumes

I noticed that the little boy was paying mostly with change(零錢).It seemed that he had robbed his pig bank(豬形儲蓄罐)to do this shoppingHowever, the cashier told him he was short after counting all the moneyThe boy thought for a moment and said, “Please keep the shirt and I will come back with more money

It was clear that he had already used all the money he had and he was $ 800 short The lady in front of me said, “Well, I could pay half of that“I told the boy that I could pay the other halfWe dug into our handbagsHowever, both of us only had ten-dollar bills(紙幣)and we needed the cashier to get the change for usOther shoppers began digging into their pockets to find some changeIt was amazing and touching as all these strangers seemed to react(反應) with the same mindAll wanted to be of helpWithin minutes the cashier said, “I have too much money” The cashier didn’t need our ten-dollar billsThen the lady in front of me, who had been the first to offer help, said, “Wait! I didn’t even get a chance to give anything!”

I smiled at her and said, “You did your share, because it was your idea and you started all this“ The little boy smiled and thanked usWe wished him the best and he leftI was left with a good feelingI had seen the love and goodness of others all around meThe woman in front of me smiled and said, “It sure feels good to give, doesn’t it?” I smiled back and said, “Yes !”

1What is this passage mainly about?

A Love and goodness                B Culture and tradition

C Friendship and honesty             D Communication and understanding

2Why did the writer and the woman both feel glad?

A Because the boy had saved some money

B Because they both didn’t need to give anything

C Because the cashier didn’t look down on the boy

D Because all the shoppers around were willing to help the boy

3What does the underlined word “touching” most probably mean?

A.令人感動的         B.令人難過的           C.令人失望的          D.令人害怕的

4What’s the correct order of the following events?

a The cashier got enough money for the boy’s shirt

b The cashier counted the boy’s money

c The shoppers looked for some change in their pockets

d The boy went to the line to pay

A b, a, e, d           B b, e, a, d          C d, b, e, a           D d, e, a, b


The Internet has changed our habits, including our habit of sending greeting cardsThere are many e-card websites that make it so easy to find the right greeting cardsThey have greatly changed the way we send greetings to each other

Our lives have become so busy that we have limited personal timeThese e-card websites have allowed everyone to easily share their feelings and emotions(感情)with the people they loveThey contain(包括) plenty of greeting cards that can be used immediatelyThe users can choose any card they like, from festival greetings to birthday wishesIn fact, e-cards are perfect for any eventThat’s why more and more people like to send e-cardsIf the users are interested in making their own greeting cards on the internet, they can create a card within only a few minutes

Another benefit(好處) of e-card websites is that they have made it possible for you to send top quality cards to your beloved(心愛的) ones and surprise them with cheerful greetingsThey allow you to send your greetings on a specific(特定的) dateSo you can plan for the occasion(場合)when you want to send the card For example, you can send your e-card on a certain day and then visit the person with some flowers the next dayThis will surely create a good impression(印象)on the person you love

We have never forgotten the importance of saying sorry to our beloved onesBut sometimes we fail to do so because, we are not brave enough to face those we hurtSome e- cards on these websites allow us to express our feelings in a more thoughtful way

Although some people still would rather buy traditional cards in the shops for the persons they love, especially when they want the cards to last a long time, more and more people are choosing to send greetings on the Internet

Title: Sending E-cards on the Internet

Introduction to the topic

The way we send greetings to each other 1    because of the e-card websites

Reasons why more and more people are using e-cards

Plenty of greeting cards on the websites make it possible for people to 2      with others easily

Users can choose or make their own e-cards, and it doesn’t take 3____________time

Users can plan for the occasion and help create a good impression on the persons they love

E-cards can help you to say    4   to those you hurt in a thoughtful way


E-cards are becoming more and more 5           

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