A group of frogs were travelling through the woodsTwo of them,Nick and Jack,fell into a deep pitAll the other frogs gathered around the pitWhen they saw how deep the pit was,they told Nick and Jack that they were as good as dead

Nick and Jack ignored不理睬what the other frogs said and tried to jump up out of the pit with all of their strengthThe other frogs Went On telling them to Stop,and that they were as good as deadNick listened to them and gave upFinally,he fell down and died

Jack continued to j ump as hard as he couldOnce again,the flogs around the pit shouted at him to stop the pain痛苦and just dieHe jumped even harder and finally got outWhen he was out,the other frogs asked,“Did you not hear us?’’ Jack explained to them that he was deafHe thought they were encouraging him all the time

1Nick and Jack fell into a pit when they were ________

Aholding a meeting                         Btaking exercise

Ctravelling through the woods                Dsleeping in the woods

2The other frogs told Nick and Jack to stop because they thought the pit was too ________

Abig                Bstrange             Csmall              Ddeep

3From the story we know ________ died in the end

ANick             BJack                 CNick and Jack            Dall the frogs

4When the other frogs shouted at Jack to stop the pain and just die,he ________

Astopped jumping                       Bjumped harder

Cfell down and died                        Dgave up trying

5Jack finally got out because ________

Athe pit wasn't deep                                      Bhe thought the others encouraged him

Che climbed a ladder                                     Dhis friends pulled him out

Does handwriting have a practical use today? Do we really need it? Many educators say yes

Handwriting is important because research shows that when children are taught how to do it,they are also being taught how to learn and how to express themselvesStudents with fluent流暢的handwriting produce better homework and get higher grades,a new study by Professor Steve Graham shows

Handwriting is a basic skill of learning,expert Emily Knapton saysShe believes,“When kids have trouble with handwriting,it affects all their subjectsSpelling becomes a problem;maths becomes a problem,tooBoth of the subjects will be much easier for these kids to learn if their handwriting is improved

Fluency and speed of handwriting are very importantGraham's study has also shown that from kindergarten(幼兒園)through the fourth grade,kids think and write at the same timeIf they have to struggle to remember how to spell the words,their ability to express themselves will sufferStephen Pevely,a professor of education says,“From the writing speed of primary school students,we can know the quality and quantity of their writing in middle school

Predictions of handwriting's end didn't begin with the computer;they date back to the introduction of the Remington typewriter in 1873But for at least a generation(一代人),handwriting has seemed much less importantNow,supported by new research,educators are trying to bring back its special importance into the classroom

1Many educators agree that handwriting ________ today

Ais not necessary                       Bis unimportant

Chas a practical use                       Dis useless

2Graham's study shows that students with fluent handwriting probably have ________

Alower grades                           Bworse homework and grades

Cgood reading skills                        Dbetter homework and grades

3When a student has good handwriting,his spelling and maths will be ________

Amuch easier        Bmuch harder      Cgreat fun          Da problem

4The underlined word "suffer" in the passage means “________”

Abe strongly influenced                        Bbe deeply moved

Cbe badly affected                         Dbe seriously hurt

5Which of the following is NOT TRUE according to the passage?

AKids' handwriting has a good effect on their learning

BHandwriting helps improve kids' performance in all their subjects

CStudents should try to improve the fluency of their handwriting

DHandwriting came to an end after the typewriter appeared

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