Do you know something about the holiday camps in Hong Kong? The students in Hong Kong ___1___ part in an English holiday camp in their holidaysAnd their parents weren’t with them ___2___ they were very young

Now they still enjoy ___3___ many kinds of holiday camps ___4___ their parentsMany parents let their children take part in some kinds of holiday camps in order to learn some practical knowledge in their lifeAnd ___5___ learn some knowledge about living skills,science,reading and writing ___6___ thing for the children is to learn to look after ___7___

Holiday camps in Hong Kong are not so expensiveMost of families can ___8___ to send their children there for further study,for making their bodies strong...And the government ___9___ charges收費for them

It is ___10___ that students in Hong Kong have much knowledge about many thingsPerhaps it has something with the kinds of holiday camps

1Aused to take           Bused to taking       Cget used to take

2Abut                        Bbecause               Cthough

3Atake part in            Btaking part in        Cgoing

4Awith                      Bwithout               Cfor

5Aso                         Btoo                      Calso

6Athe most important                                    Bmore important


7Ayourselves                Bthemselves           Courselves

8Atake                      Bable                     Cafford

9Anever                    Bnot                      Calways

10Asaying                 Bsaid                     Csays

My name is Madoka OzawaI am a student in Kagoshima City,JapanI am looking for pen pals from other countriesI want to learn about different cultures and make more friendsMy E-mail address is

I'm BrainMy class is learning about different parts of the worldI suggested to our teacher that we get pen pals! He said yes! Now I'm looking for pen pals from other parts of the world!not from the USA

I'm 12 years oldMy classmates call me TonyI hope to start exchanging letters with pen pals as soon as possibleI live in Washington,America

My name is Craig HerrmannI'm an English teacher in Italy,where English is our second language in our schoolI would like to find pen pals whose first language is English for my studentsPlease send me an e-mail if you are interested

1The people mentioned in the table ________

Awant to learn English                                 Bare all students

Care looking for pen pals

2Craig is ________

Aa teacher              Ba student              Ca Japanese

3Madoka Ozawa lives in ________

AAsia                    BAmerica               CEurope

4Brian can become the pen pal with ________

ACraig                   BTony                   CMadoka Ozawa

5If you want to make friends with Tony,you can send an e-mail to ________                     

Everybody is driven by somethingIt could be money problems,fear,emotional needs and many other things

Many of us are driven by love for money and the things we can buy with itWe think it will make us happier,more important,or more secure安全的).But it's a dream that never comes true,because no matter how much we get,we still want a little moreThe problem is that we expect money to give us happiness that lasts,but it's simply not made to do thatJust ask all the rich millionaires who have everything money can buyThey still have unhappy marriages婚姻and familiesThey'll tell you that money can't buy happiness that lastsRemember that a man without money is poor,but a man who has just money alone is even poorer

Money can't make us more important either,because no matter how expensive our clothes,car,or house is,we're still the same personThe most valuable things in life are not things you can get with money

What’s driving you? What do you love and live for? Is it what you really want in life? Just think for a minute

1What problems are mentioned that millionaires may have?

ATheir sons' development                          BTheir wives' cost of living

CUnhappy marriage and family

2What's the biggest problem with money?

AMoney can make people lose their lives

BMoney can make brothers fight each other

CMoney can't bring us the happiness that we want

3According to the passage,who is the poorest?

AA man who has no money                        BA man who only has money

CA man who has a family

4Which of the following is not true?

AMoney can make us more important

BWe can buy expensive clothes with money

CNo matter how much we get,we still want a little more

5What's the writer’s opinion?

AWe don't need money                           BMoney is not everything

CYou can become another person if you have enough money

Beautiful Seychelles人間仙境塞舌爾

Seychelles lies in the Indian Ocean,with 115 islandsIt belongs to a tropical熱帶的climateThere is no winter in the countryIt has the smallest population in AfricaIts official language is English,but French is also spoken hereThe local people speak their own language,called Creole克里奧耳語).People there have a strong realization of protecting the environment

There are many banks in Victoria,the capital of SeychellesIt's the smallest capital in the worldThere are many rare稀有的plant species in Seychelles,particularly the wellknown Coco de Mer海椰子).They are just like pandas in China

People there are very friendlyWhen you meet people there,first you should wave your hand and then you can shake hands with themRemember not to touch the children's heads in SeychellesIt's impoliteThere are many men who wear different hats in hot weather,why? When they take off their hats,you will be astonishedThey all have long hair

1From the article,we know that Seychelles is in ________

AAsia                    BIndia                    CAfrica

2What language do the local people usually speak?

AEnglish             BFrench             CCreole

3The word “astonished” means ________ in Chinese

A.感到驚訝的         B.宇航員的             C.懷疑的

4What can't you do in Seychelles?

AYon can't see any rare plant species

BYou can't shake hands with the local people

CYou can't see snow

5Which of the following statements is right?

ASeychelles has the largest population in Africa

BVictoria is the smallest capital in the world

CYou should touch the children's heads when you meet them

People know the dangers of firesIt's good for a family to learn how to prepare for a fireHere are some suggestions

Put a smoke alarm in the houseSmoke from a fire causes the alarm to go offThe alarm makes a loud soundThe sound tells everyone to leave the house at once

Make escape plansThey should know all the ways out of the houseIf there is a fire,everyone follows the plan to get outPart of the plan is to check all the windows to make sure they can be opened easily

Buy fire extinguishers滅火器in the houseEveryone in the family should know how to use themPractice for a fireThey do fire practice because they teach children about fire safetyEveryone in thee family should know the following fire rules

Don't open a hot door! The fire can grow more quickly if you open the door

Stay close to the floor! Smoke can be more dangerous than fireThe best air is near the floor because smoke rises

What will you do if your hair or clothes start to burn? First,stop! Don’t run! The fire burns faster because of more airDrop! Fall to the floorThen roll! Turning over and over will make the fire go outPut a blanket毯子around you to keep air away from the fire that may still be on you

There are many possible causes for firesA wise family is ready all the timeIf there is a fire,don't forget to call 119 for help

1Is it good for a family to learn how to prepare for a fire?

2Why do parents do fire practice with their children?

3Where is the best air when there is a fire?

4Should we run when our hair or clothes start to burn?

5What number should we call for help if there is a fire?

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